We’ve spent an enormous amount of time on the water comparing, developing and testing outboards, as well as simply having fun in all kinds of boats. So, long ago we concluded that the Ultimate Outboard is one that gives the user a sense of both satisfaction and excitement At Suzuki, we continually explore and develop new design technologies to give our outboards a superior edge. We focus our energy, knowledge and skill on finding new and better ways to deliver improved performance, greater durability, higher fuel efficiency and even quieter operation. We will continue to raise the bar, to set higher standards, to bring new technology and innovation to all the products we make. Every Suzuki customer deserves the ultimate experience every day they spend on the water.



For the team at Yamaha Outboards, reliability isn’t just this year’s marketing focus. It’s something our outboards have been proving on the water for the last 30+ years. Just ask our boaters, who share stories of incredible Yamaha reliability all the time. Stories of tens of thousands of hours on a motor. Of zero downtime for businesses. Of critical reliability in extreme conditions.



Suzuki Marine has been a leading innovator in marine power since introducing its first outboard motor back in 1965. Today, Suzuki offers a full range of technologically advanced outboards from the ultra-portable 2.5 horsepower to our flagship DF350 V6. Winner of nine Innovation Awards over the years from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), Suzuki continues to develop new ways to bring customers and the boating industry the lightweight, efficient, and reliable 4-stroke power they need.

Beneath the skin of every Suzuki outboard is an elegant combination of cutting-edge technology, precision-grade materials and bomb proof construction, all engineered to come together to deliver the optimum on-water experience every time.

We question everything, which leads us to create innovative new ways to make our engines more efficient, more powerful and more durable, while at the same time working to minimize our impact on the environment.

When it says Suzuki on the outside, you can leave the dock confident in what’s on the inside, because we have spent thousands of hours testing, refining and re-thinking every part to bring out the best in every minute you spend on the water.


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For more than 30 years, Yamaha Outboards have delivered far more than superior power, performance and efficiency. Yamaha owners get something that can’t be measured in HP or RPM—legendary Yamaha reliability. The all-new Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore® carries on that tradition. Purpose-built from the ground up to withstand the rigors of offshore boating, the XTO introduces a new class of extreme offshore power and reliability.


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